Jill Goux

Real Estate Geek

Jill Goux, Real Estate Geek

Jill comes to the table with a unique background that offers her clients a well-rounded approach to home buying and selling, which connects the “what you WANT with how you FEEL.” She has been a solo entrepreneur for over two and half decades as a transformational life coach, and she is also a master dowser which brings a fresh, new ‘energetic’ approach to real estate.

Let’s face it, real estate is a powerful thing. Your home becomes the ‘center of your universe’ and a place where you live, work, thrive, and create lasting memories. It’s a grounding force and foundation that can support all aspects of your life.

Jill’s intuition, communication skills, and out-of-the-box thinking help her clients find win-win solutions in any market. Everything is ENERGY and Jill is a master engineer when it comes to helping people navigate the real estate waters.

Whether a buyer, seller, or investor, Jill considers her clients like family, and she goes above and beyond to make the experience as joyful and stress-free as possible. Her positive, uplifting demeanor, and her knowledge and skills, make for a life-changing experience that you won’t soon forget.

Professional Summary

  • Licensed Realtor in Minnesota
  • Member of the St. Paul Area Association of Realtors (SPAAR)
  • Member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR)


Personal Background

As a Minnesota native and a small business owner and entrepreneur, Jill recognizes and values hard work, trust, and connection and she strives every day to show up, do her best and find gratitude in all that she does.

Jill has always had a passion and big love for real estate. She enjoys rehabbing and renovating homes and collaborating with others to develop new and creative projects.

When it comes to things she personally enjoys, Jill is a huge CREATIVE GEEK. She loves dancing, seeing live music, playing her drum set, painting, and gardening. She is also pretty ‘geeky’ when it comes to eating and cooking amazing food, having deep conversations, paddle boarding, and traveling to warm destinations to feed her soul.

Mobile: (612) 423-6360