Robyn Dies

Real Estate Geek

Robyn Dies, Real Estate Geek

Robyn is a newly licensed realtor in Minnesota. Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Robyn spent 10+ years working in the payroll sector. For as long as Robyn can remember, she was constantly looking at houses in her free time so she decided to turn that passion and hobby into a career in order to help clients find their dream homes.


You know the phrase “keeping up with the Jones?” While  Robyn tries to keep up “with the Jones’,” she continually reminds herself that perhaps she is the “Jones'” to someone else and tries to be thankful for what she has.

Professional Summary

  • Licensed Realtor in Minnesota


Personal Background

Robyn is a true Minnesotan, born & raised. She grew up in Montgomery and currently resides in Farmington with her husband, 2 dogs, and 1 cat. Robyn loves coffee and is a self-proclaimed office supply junkie.


In her free time, Robyn and her husband love to go to beer festivals and local breweries and the State Fair is one of her absolute favorite things to do! Robyn also loves to travel in her free time. While Las Vegas is her go-to travel destination, she has a bucket list of places that she would love to visit as well.

Mobile: 612-440-0860