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Sell Your Home In Winter

Top 10 Items That Will Sell Your Home in Winter

Many homeowners believe attempting to sell their places during winter is a losing proposition. Real estate agents, however, know any season is the right one when a property is attractive and represents a great value. Here to help you with your winter sales push, we’ve compiled the top ten items that will sell your home in winter.

With inventory typically lower during the cold weather months, it’s actually a perfect time to put a home on the market. It also doesn’t hurt to set the stage — or sweeten the pot, if you will — by evoking a warm and welcoming vibe that makes would-be buyers want to hang up their coats, kick off their boots, and stay a while.

There’s no denying it’s cold out there, so why not embrace it? The following are amenities that prove winter really can be the most wonderful time of the year.

1. Fire pit

#Cozy #night by the #fire during the #holidays…

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Create a covetable outdoor space with the help of a fire pit. Whether it’s made of stone and serves as a permanent fixture or is a movable and affordable centerpiece for backyard S’mores-making, adding the element of fire ups the charm factor immediately.

2. Hot tub

A nighttime soak in this Jacuzzi ® Hot Tub will bring a smile to your face in no time

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Wait, is this a home or a five-star resort? Watching steam rise from a frothy hot tub on a chilly afternoon or evening makes anyone want to move right in! Giving a place the spa treatment, will remind home-shoppers that with this luxurious item on the premises, winter can last as long as it likes.

3. Home theater

Think the kids will like this one? #SoldbyKenitaTang #Kenitatangrealtor #Movienight #hometheater #movies #Kids #Realtor

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Especially during the winter, and particularly in cold weather climates, playing up the ability to have a blast indoors does wonders for buyers’ peace of mind (moreso if they’re parents). A home theater, even on a smaller scale (think flat screen and an old-fashioned popcorn maker), helps visitors envision themselves and their families surviving those endless snow days in style.

4. Fireplace

It’s almost impossible to resist the hypnotic allure of a roaring fire. According to the National Center for Real Estate Research, fireplaces have a positive impact on the selling price, with each fireplace adding about 12 percent. If a home has this feature, by all means, strike a match and watch that property heat up!

5. In-home wine bar

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Baby, it’s cold outside — so why leave the house? This wine bar is one way to keep spirits merry and bright. It also conjures up thoughts of hosting holiday parties and gatherings as new owners envision celebrating and showing off their place.

6. Hot cocoa bar

On the other end of the spectrum, but no less festive, a hot cocoa bar offers a sweet welcome all ages can enjoy. Placed in the kitchen, dining room, family room, or foyer, this treat station makes you feel comfortable and right at home.

7. Wood-burning stove

Wood-burning stoves represent a delightful throwback to bygone days. Their timeless appeal will charm visitors at the same time they warm up a home. Thanks to advancements in technology, these old-fashioned heaters are more energy efficient than ever.

8. Home sauna

A home sauna? Why not? We can do that.

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Calling all athletes and anyone who could use a haven from the stresses of the outside world! (So, OK, everyone!) An in-home sauna is the oasis you’ve been seeking. Steam away those cares while enjoying health benefits that include improved circulation, detoxification, and even sinus relief.

9. Storm survival kit

Throwing in a highly-desirable item often increases interest from buyers. In a snowy climate, there are few tools as sought-after as a snowblower once that white stuff starts falling. Want to keep the enticement more affordable? Heavy-duty snow shovels, high-end gloves, rock salt, and de-icer all come in handy as well. First-time home-buyers who may be snow-removal newbies will appreciate this gesture.

10. Highlight energy efficient upgrades


In addition to being comfortable temperature-wise, if a home is as energy-efficient as possible, that’s something buyers will definitely want to know — and remember. Creating a list of any upgrades to windows, doors, HVAC units, and the roof, as well as the installation of energy-saving appliances, means more money in buyers’ pockets and less going out the window.

5 Ways to Buy a House in a Seller’s Market

Spring market is here but it’s a tough one if you’re on the buying side of a transaction. Inventory remains low and properties are receiving multiple offers within hours of being listed on the MLS. Lucky for you we’ve survived markets like this before and have some tips on how our buyers can come out ahead of the competition.

1. Act fast.

In a market like the current one, speed is of the essence. Houses are selling almost as soon as they hit the MLS. If you’re serious about buying, make sure you have an idea of what you’re looking for so you’ll know it when you see it. Then work with an agent to get set up on an auto search so you’ll know as soon as possible when a property meeting your criteria comes on the market. If something piques your interest, go see it as soon as possible. Even a couple of hours can make the difference between being an only offer or finding yourself in a multiple offer situation.


2. Write a “Dear Seller” letter.

For some sellers, getting the highest price isn’t the most important part of an offer. They may have lived in the house for decades, it might be where they raised their kids, or it might be a cherished parent or grandparents’ home. In a multiple offer situation, they might take comfort in knowing the buyers love the deck they built by hand or appreciate the perennial gardens. A buyer could mention how much they’re looking forward to big family dinners in the gorgeous kitchen, giving the sellers comfort knowing their home is going to someone who will appreciate the same things they loved in their home.

3. Keep it simple.

If sellers are evaluating multiple offers, they’re probably going to be inclined to favor the ones that ask the least of them. If you’re able to, submit your offer without contingencies, especially the sale of another property. If you’re not comfortable excluding all contingencies, make the time periods short. If it’s standard to take two weeks for an inspection, offer to hold one in seven. Don’t try to include any personal property. You may love the granite-topped dining table but if another offer comes in and those buyers aren’t asking for anything, it may make your offer look less attractive.  If other things are equal, the sellers may be swayed to go with the offer that is the least restrictive.


4. Bring your best to the table.

Don’t hold back. If you absolutely love a property, submit your best offer right off the bat, especially if you know you’re in a multiple offer situation. You can also offer a higher amount of earnest money (above the typical 1-2%) to make your offer stand out. If you’re offering over market value and can afford to remove the appraisal contingency, consider using that to your advantage. You can also ask your agent about including an escalation clause. That means that if another offer comes in, you’ll top it by a certain amount up until your max is reached. You’d hate to lose out on a house you love if someone came in a few hundred dollars above you and you didn’t have a chance to increase your offer.


5. Show them the money.

In a tight market, anything you can do to make yourselves look more attractive as a buyer will work in your favor. The vast majority of buyers are pre-qualified for up to a certain amount, but it’s not as common to be fully pre-approved for a mortgage. This means your paperwork is submitted ahead of time and your financials have been verified. It makes you a stronger buyer since there are fewer things that could go wrong when the mortgage company starts submitting paperwork. If you’re able to make a larger down payment, that can work in your favor as well. Ask your agent for other ideas that will make you look like a strong buyer. If two offers are comparable, the seller will typically accept the one with the least amount of risk to them.


We don’t know what the future real estate market will bring, but right now we know buyers need to do whatever they can to make their offers the most appealing. Hopefully some of these tips will help. If you have questions about how to make your offer stand out, give us a call or tune in to #GrillTheGeeks every Thursday at 12pm on our Facebook page where we’ll answer your questions LIVE.



Grand Opening Recap

What a week it’s been for the geeks! Last Thursday we celebrated our official grand opening with a ribbon cutting and open house. It was a fantastic evening and the love and support we received overwhelmed us! We wanted to share some photos from the event and sincerely thank everyone who attended or sent their well wishes. It’s because of you… our clients, colleagues, vendors, mentors, and supporters that we’re able to do what we do. A huge thank you to the city officials, other local business owners, Lakeville Chamber members, fellow real estate professionals, and teammates from the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Lovejoy Real Estate offices who came out in support. We appreciate each and every one of you!

The Property Geeks

Our Real Estate Agents Are A Different Breed of Geek

Kelly Coffer- Real Estate GeekWord is on the street, the cat’s out of the bag and we’re shouting it from the rooftops: The Property Geeks are moving to Downtown Lakeville! We’re so excited to join the other awesome businesses that call Holyoke Avenue home. We also want to tell you a little bit about our team and what makes us a different breed of geek from the other real estate agents you might have worked with in the past.

We’re not your typical real estate team.

Our commitment to our clients goes way beyond just the sale. We’re passionate about finding solutions to their needs, whether it’s buying or selling a new home, an investment property or a family cabin that can also be used as a rental. We bring a combination of expertise, enthusiasm and compassion into every aspect of our business. We get excited about bonus rooms and fresh paint. Walking through a home with a prospective buyer thrills us to our core. You won’t find anyone else in town who gets more enthusiastic about a well-done addition or a newly renovated master bath.

Sure, we’ve won awards. And it’s lovely to be recognized by our colleagues and peers. But it means more to us to receive a heartfelt thank you from a family who’s moving into their first home or an investor who’s finally realized their dream of building a real estate portfolio.  We’ll work with our clients within their parameters to find the right combination of property and value.

We’ve got the experience.

Our team members are licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin and have worked all over the Twin Cities, throughout the greater state of Minnesota and even into western Wisconsin. We’re investors ourselves. We own multi-family rental properties, vacation rental properties and have been flipping houses before it was even a thing. We walk the walk and talk the talk. We don’t just want to sell you a house, we want to welcome you to The Property Geeks family, where we want to forge a relationship before, during and after the sale.

Words we live by:

“Be different. Be kind. Be humble.”  – Caarin Pannkuk – Chief Geek, Branch President

Caarin Pannkuk- Chief Geek, Branch President


Whether you’re in the market for a new home or not, feel free to call us with questions, stop by to check out our new office, or tune in to our live, weekly episodes of “Grill The Geeks” on our Facebook page. We’ll be here when you’re ready to geek out with us. We promise!