Hug Your Home Challenge – June Tips

If you’ve been keeping up with The Property Geeks 2018 Hug Your Home Challenge then you know we’re now halfway through the year! If you haven’t been keeping up, it’s not too late to join in. Click here to get your free Hug Your Home Challenge checklist, a year full of home maintenance tips that will get your house in tip top shape. This month we’re kicking off summer so we’re going pretty easy on you.

Tweak Your Squeaks

For June, we’re checking hinges on cabinets and doors for pesky squeaks. Fixing an annoying noise can be as simple as spraying a little WD-40 on the hinge. If you don’t have WD-40 on hand, don’t fret. You can also use any number of items you’ve probably got sitting around the house. A bar of soap can be applied to a noisy hinge. Or you could use wax, petroleum jelly, olive oil or another kind of cooking oil, or even butter. The bottom line is… don’t suffer. If you’ve got a squeak, take the time to tweak it.






Revitalize Your Deck

Decks take a beating, especially here in Minnesota. Between the sun, the rain and the snow, it’s not unheard of for homeowners to have to refinish their deck every couple of years.

First, evaluate the condition of the deck. If the boards are in good shape you probably just need a deep cleaning and possibly a refinish. If boards are cracking or split, make those repairs first.

Next, use a deck cleaner to remove any dirt, stains or mildew. Follow the instructions on the label for application. Once the cleaner is ready to remove, consider using a pressure washer.

Tip: Make sure you use the right nozzle. Using one of the smaller ones can actually do more harm than good.

Once you’ve got a clean, even surface, decide on a stain or sealant. If the wood is in good shape, you might just need a clear layer of protection. Most homeowners opt for a little color which might mean a semi-transparent stain that lets the grain of the wood show through. If the wood is in rough shape there are products that provide more coverage and look almost like paint. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on whichever product you choose.

Tip: Make sure you check the weather forecast before applying stain. Most products will need to dry for a period of time before they should be exposed to water.

Mend Your Fences

As long as you’re cleaning and restaining the deck, you may as well take a look at the fence, too. Replace any rotted or cracked boards and make sure there aren’t any nails or screws sticking out. Fences typically don’t need to be stained or sealed as often as decks since the surface is vertical and isn’t exposed to foot traffic. A good powerwashing will clean off any dirt and debris. Fences can be sealed or stained with the same type of products you’d use on your deck.

Tip: To extend the life of your fence, keep the sprinklers from hitting it and trim any vines away. Any type of moisture will make the wood deteriorate faster.


Tackling these big projects early in the summer means plenty of relaxing summer weekends ahead! And if you’re not up for doing the work yourself, there are probably plenty of students or local businesses who would be willing to take on the task. We want to see your projects. Feel free to tag The Property Geeks on Facebook or Instagram so we can track your progress!

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